Rewire slave's first note failure

Hi mates,i’m having troubles using renoise as a rewire master. When i start playing patterns written in both renoise and the slave(fl studio or reason),it happens that the first midi note(the one which plays on the 1 of the beat) of the slave pattern can’t be heard;i also noticed that in syncing renoise with another daw(also as slave),the first blocks of a beat are “skipped” so i have to adjust the clips to sync them.

It sounds like a sync problem…has anyone experienced this too,and how can i solve it? I discovered i can do amazing things with rewire,but can’t get rid of this issue and it’s really annoying.

Thanks a lot,


Yes this is extremely common.

Just remember to pre roll.

hey thank you! i will try to disable the two options in the audio preferences as stated in that topic,but what do you mean with “pre roll”? is it just modifying the beat’s precount?

edit:ok that’s great,i activated metronome precount on fl studio and this works fine…anyway,i think that’s a strange kind of solution…