Rewire is the PERFECT Connection between two programs!
I use it with Reason and my Audioprogram Reaper and it works wonderfull. You don`t notice, that there are two programs, you are working with!
I would very much like to connect Renoise with Reason in this way, to unit the power of these two programs.
So I hope, that there are plans, to implement Rewire into Renoise in the future.

Would never have thought about that.

Some advice.

please go to There you will find all(!) about rewire.
regards :)

Where is Captain Obvious to explain about cynism…? ;)


there is only one answer coming to mind “orly”

i wonder why people don’t bother using search button at all

nothing all day has made me laugh as hard as this :lol:

:D me too

okay fun’s over… let’s just close it before this topic draws far too much attention than it already should have :)

Rewire is on the to-do list.
Yet no delivery date is currently known.
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