Rewiring Max Applications

does anyone have any experience rewiring monome apps (like mlr, etc) into renoise? i’ve a grayscale on the way :drummer: .

does everything function as it should?

if i try and run max and renoise at the same time on one audio device i run into PROBLEMS! :frowning:

isn’t that what rewire does though? runs one application through another which uses your sound card? :huh:

Anacrucix didn’t said he was using ReWire… Or perhaps he isn’t aware that you have to start the slave host throughthe master host?

i’ve a feeling it’s something to do with midi routing? is it?

Stay tuned, I’m building a 256 monome (waiting for the parts) and I’m obviously going to use it with renoise.

For now you can view my thread with the Launch Pad:

(and yeah, all that with max msp, obviously)