Roadmap for the next release?

Dear dev team,

I am ready to transfer money to your bank account for an nice update! Feel free to higher the price! That’s ok for me!

So what I really would like to know, what did you plan for future releases? Is there a kind of rough roadmap maybe available to us users? Do you need manpower help? Or do you focus on other projects now? What are your priorities?

Thanks and greetings


The devsnever give anyinformation on anything related to Renoise development, so don’t expect an answer in that area. Of course, they might answer that they’re busy working on the next update or something like that, but they never reveal any specifics. The2.6version was the only exception to this rule AFAIK.

The effects will be broken out to a Standalone VST FX suite, eventually all parts of Renoise will be broken out to be used in other hosts ala Redux

Did that your crystal ball tell you, or is it insider info?

Well the FX part is a pretty obvious next step given the introduction of Doofers earlier…

Should be renamed to “Waiting for 3.2 thread”

I’ll start


Aww, come on now… The 3.1 releaseis still hot and smoking, fresh out of the owen… it’s way too soon to start posting cat pictures and hold your breath for the next release.

But if it’s just speculationonthe devs’ next moves, the FX-bundle-as-plugin path seems plausible as they probably could just modify and build on the Redux code.

However, if we assume that Redux was (and is) more of an instrumentfor new audiences to taste a slice of Renoise, it seems unlikelythe devswould prefer any route that steered consumers further away from Renoise itself. The possible FX-bundle concept would have to get people into thinking “I want the whole package!”.

That’s why I’drather expect somefrequently requested “Renoise standalone” features to get implemented next. I’dguess that the so called “audiotracks” request is pretty high up there on the todo list. Why? First of all, that feature has been requested for a long time. But also because whenpotential usersdon’t find their beloved pianoroll in Renoise they would at least need _something_ that felt safe and secure. And audiotracks could very well get new usersup and running in no time, no doubt.

For standalone FX to be interesting, there at least would need to be a more modular system (routing inside a dsp chain) and preferably some additional fundamentals like audio pitch devices/followers. Otherwise it brings nothing new to the table compared to Mxxx by Melda, for example. There are already powerful systems and I have a hard time seeing the USP of Renoise fx. Any major DAW comes bundled with stock plugins that are on par, or better than the ones in Renoise.

EDIT: Piano roll has been confirmed.

EDIT2: Disregard that.

I can’t imagine renoise effects to become standalone, they would have to be updated again just to try to be competitive, which seems like a lost cause to try to join such an oversaturated market. That said, redux can already be used as an effects rack, if the whole process could be streamlined a bit, meta device resolution increased, vst support added, then it could become very competitive. Mxxx has no formula device and a tiny setof modulators and near non existent keyboard support(it takes2seconds to duplicate a chain in renoise/redux, compare that to mxxx)

EDIT: Piano roll has been confirmed.

Who said?

Who said?

“Audio tracks or a Piano Roll(…)after the 3.1 release.” - taktik 2015


Aww, come on now… The 3.1 releaseis still hot and smoking, fresh out of the owen…

3.1 is like almost a year ago… Two from feeling.

3.1 is like almost a year ago…

Almost 6 months since the official release.

So my 3 cents here is:

  1. Improvements for Automation part (curves across all patterns, ability to select all automation lines at once and etc.)

  2. Ability to inputs notes in Phrase via midi-keyboard (midi-controller)

  3. Improvement for EQ editing (sorry for my collage skills):


wet dreams about audio tracks with multiple record inputs, and recorded tracks are editable with all sampler features, why edit only left and right of the sample, if you can edit 10 tracks in whole arangement? :blink:

did you check backstage?

(sorry guys, someone had to start…)

After using reaper and Cubase I got really accustomed to pre-rendered tracks, you never seem to reach your cpu limit that way, I’d personally like that in renoise as much as I’d want audio routing, maybe something to consider for the devs eventually.

Well the FX part is a pretty obvious next step given the introduction of Doofers earlier…

Well, if that is TRUE!!? Here is my renoise fx payoff / improvement list:

Analog filter:

  • Drive needs volume compensation, so the sound stays around same volume level

  • Pre-filter switch (next to oversampling switch). Current mode is “inside”?

  • Some filter types cutoff highs even with 100% cutoff


  • Needs switchable lowest and highest band: Shelf, LP12-48, HP12-48

  • Can the interpolation that prevents crackling be somehow smoothed, and the slower the lower the band?

  • Expand mode on the spectrum view, as a top layer

  • Mid / Side mode

  • Little spectrum view in small/current view

  • Solo for each band, for example with right click and context menu

  • oversampling

Signal follower:

  • Instead lp/hp separate, one multiple LP + HP filter bar: —[---]---- with two handles!

  • Switch for filter type

  • Compensate compressor/limiter for side chain slider, so all sound will be equal loud for side chain -> kind of transient shaper

to be continued…

“Audio tracks or a Piano Roll(…)after the 3.1 release.” - taktik 2015


And this is exactly why developers do not bother talking to their users, developer says one thing “STFU until after we release 3.1” users who are starved of any interaction from developers “OMG OMG OMG piano roll or Audio Tracks after 3.1”

And me using quotes that are nothing like the originals completely proves the misunderstand/misquote dilemma

Re-read it

Is development going to get any faster than the previous and current snail trail “To double the output of what we are currently doing, I’d guess we’d roughly need 4-8 times more people working on the same things that we are currently working on. Reason for this is the project’s complexity and its dependencies. And for a niche product like Renoise this simply is not very realistic” Notice “And for a niche product like Renoise this simply is not very realistic”

Development will not get faster, Renoise is Niche (Read doesn’t sell vast amounts allowing more developers to join the team)

"Audio tracks or a Piano Roll would not change that :wink:

But this is for another time to discuss and evaluate - after the 3.1 release."

Discuss and evaluate does not mean it is coming, does not mean that it is even on the cards, it quite literally means, lets talk about it, and then decide.

With 14+ years of talking already under its belt on this subject, lets safely assume the decision was made a long time ago, either it is not going to happen because they have no interest/not capable/would take too long (Take your pick and do as you please)

However, the troubling thing here is the complete lack of confidence the developer has in the product “Audio tracks or a Piano Roll would not change that” the fact that giving Renoise the same features as other sustainable nay megaprofitablehosts will not change its current Niche standing in the developers eyes, worrying at best, and would suggest nothing more than ever being a fanciful past time project.

A lot more people will buy VST over a Tracker (OK they chose the sampler first, personally i think that was a poor choice, way too many samplers all released at similar times to Redux, and it pretty much generated zero hype)

Release the FX as a cheap plugin suite

Release the tracker a s a cheap step sequencer plugin

Redux sample engine already exists

Then you have the ability to use Redux/Renoise sequencer/ Renoise FX all in a real linear DAW that already has Piano roll and audio tracks.

For the record, take a guess (It is actually very easy) which do you think is more well known, Illformed Glitch 2 or Renoise (One is spoken about regularly on lots of forums all over the internet, the other is a tracker hahahaha)

Tracker users and their little bubble of reality are actually quite funny

They ignore the fact that Renoise is a tracker and such a niche product that it has little interest to most music makers (It would take Piano roll/Audio Tracks and a linear arranger to change this, this is simply not going to happen, the developers would be old and grey before they pulled that off, they simply aren’t fast enough at developing, the product they currently have is so niche they cant get more developers, the Renoise paradox, which is unfortunate considering Renoise with a piano roll/linear arranger/audio tracks would probably be one of the best hosts on the market and generate huge hype, the Renois paradox, add to this the lead developers lack of confidence in adding these things changing Renoises niche status, you pretty much have everything you need to see that Renoise as a host is stagnant)

They ignore the fact that most Tracker users are quite happy using whatever free tracker is currently flavour of the month

They ignore the fact that even the lowliest of linear arrangers nowadays has just as much control over micro editing as a tracker does

Breaking out Renoises features as plugins will probably allow one really important thing, Renoise developers to continue what they do, yes they are extremely slow, yes it is niche, but plugins are not, in fact they are even geekdom collectable now, some people just buy them so they complete their collections (Sad but true) put the FX out at $30 for the entire set, maybe even have some simple modular wrapper to combine them in interesting ways, bam, yes they are not the best effects in the world, but the collection is vast, the UI is actually very easy on the eyes, and at the end of all things they work.

And this is exactly why developers do not bother talking to their users, developer says one thing "STFU until after we rel

this is exactly why Ihide your posts :wink:

Edit: Bungle: this is how it works a nice day.