Round Robin sample assign issue

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but it seems that if you put a number of samples (e.g. 1,2,3,4) onto a keyzone and set them to cycle, they correctly cycle when you keep pressing the key. But if you change key during the cycle (say, after the first key press) then the pattern nearly always starts again from 1. But sometimes it doesn’t. What’s it supposed to do?

I would really like it to remember its place in the cycle and continue from there on the new key, assuming the new key contains the same number of samples.

Good point - I’m not in front of Renoise right now, but I believe the set of overlapping samples is memorized per key. But I agree it would make more sense - musically speaking - to memorize each particular combination of overlapping zones.

So, for instance the following keyzone layout would create a single overlapping zone ©, spanning a number of keys:

| |  
| A ________________  
| | | |  
| | C | B |  
|____|______| |  
 | |  

Have I understood you right?

I’m not sure… I like the ascii Venn Diagram though!

I just mean that if there are three samples assigned to a key and they go ding - dang - dong, and you press C four times it will play ding - dang - dong - ding.

But if you were to play across keys… when you play C it will play C-ding. Then when you press D, it should play D- dang. And (are you still with me?) when you press E, it should play E-dong. And then you play F, it should play F-ding.

You know what I mean?

Ba-da-bing! :slight_smile: Yep, I think I understood it…and I think it makes sense!
In the really simple ASCII example above, there would be just one memorized “cycle state” instead of a whole bunch (per key)… Real-life examples might be more complex, though … but nothing that could not be achieved with a bit of pre-calculation, I guess.

I was thinking of some kind of legato thing, but now I think more, I don’t think it needs to be complex. It could just remember the last sample position in the round robin and play the next one in the chain, no matter what. Unless the other key didn’t have enough samples, in which case it would just re-start the cycle at 1. Easier to say than do, no doubt.

I don’t think there is a way which is “right” while the other is “wrong”; the two could be two valid different round robin kinds, which could be called “key round robin” and “zone round robin”. being able to choose among the two in the dropdown box would certainly be a nice addition, but could also make the whole thing harder to understand. On the other hand, this is a pretty advanced part of the sample editor, so the user who is using it should be aware of what he is doing and find this option to be useful

Totally agreed with you on that one.

I think this phrase sums it up perfectly