Royalty-free Lounge music?

My work is arranging a two-day seminars gathering about logistics, purchasing, and supply chain and it has fallen on my responsibility to fix the music that is going to be played between speakers and at breaks/pauses. (I wonder why? ;)/> )

Does anyone know where I can find royalty-free LOUNGE-music?

Better yet, if YOU have made a couple of lounge-tracks that we can play we’ll be so more than happy to do so. Unfortunately, you won’t get paid for it, but your music will be heard by about 500+ people. And I’ll make my best to tell people what and who is playing. ^_^/>

An album filled with loungeness: D Fast - Sunday :) Some tracks might be less loungey, but hopefully at least some of those fit your purposes!

Ah, yes, your album has already been listened to. So you’re saying we are allowed to use some of theem if we please?

Sutemos netlabel had a lot of melodic and calm stuff, seems the label is dead now… but you can find their releases on


You can also checkout my Serenity EP here:


I love the music that you guys have suggest. Right up my alley, but I think they [my work] want something more lounge… uhm… less electronica so to speak. :unsure:

broque label
all kind of genres: ID.eology label

is easily accessible among my things. I may edit with others later or just ask if you’re interested.

Yes! :) (and thx for the support!)

No problem! Just supporting a fellow Renoiser. B)
(and so should all you other Renoiser. ;) )

a spring EP, but yeah that’s playable from the web only… track 1 and 7 are type of loungy :)