Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

(aphid308) #181

well the prog works fine the first few times and then eventually, it just stops loading the UI, ctrl q still works but no UI to look at

(Icarus) #182

And are you sure it is not just hiding behind Renoise?
Let me know if it completely disappeared from the operating system (task bar, alt tab etc.) or is just behind Renoise.

It may be that you just accidentally toggled the Always On Top?
Alt+A toggles always on top (and there is also a button on the GUI)

(aphid308) #183

happens even when renoise isnt running, and no other windows open, doesnt vanish from taskbar or alt tab thos, just will not show up, hasnt happened since i scrapped and re downloaded it, but ill keep you posted, probbaly just corrupted en route or something. awesome freakin app tho… great stuff

(Icarus) #184

Ok cool.
Let me know if it happens.
If you have AVG antivirus and had an older version of RPG, it may be related.
AVG is a bit too sensitive to packed files and been known to report false positive on older versions.

(purplefuture) #185

I wish my pc was working so I could check this out. Looks really cool.

Unfortunately until I buy a new PC or some lovely person ports it to mac, I’m SOL. :(

(Kyle) #186

Hey Icarus,

I tried downloading v 0.74 now, but was warned by my antivirus that the file resembled malicious software. Something you should look into…? I use Zonealarm, btw.

(Icarus) #187

Hi, thanks for the report.
This is a repeating issue with these antivirus software.
Something about the way AutoHotkey is wrapping the executables (UPX) is probably used a lot with some malware.

I will test against VirusTotal, and if there is an unsatisfactory score, I will recompile with the latest AHK.

Well, tested, and only a few obscure antivirus software report it as suspected.
Recompile did not help, still some reports.

In any case, if you are in doubt, test it through http://www.virustotal.com/
Thats the best I can do for now…

(Kyle) #188

Interesting issue. I’ve been running version 0.72 (and love it), so no suspicion on my part of the app being malicious :)
Just thought I’d tell you.

(a2n3d7y) #189

I really like rpg but due to that disappeary problem I have to delete the exe and re-unzip fairly often.

(Icarus) #190

You mean the window disappearing?
When it happens, please check the INI file.

See under the section [Internal] - two values: LastX and LastY, make note of what these values are.

Then, close RPG, and then change these values to lets say 100 and 100 - then restart RPG, see if this helps.

Let me know if you have any findings in this regard.

P.S. The only file that is being changed after installation is that RPG.INI file, so in any case you do not need to re-unzip, only re-copy the default INI file - I am guessing the problem lies there.

(a2n3d7y) #191

OK. I will do that.
Thanks for prompt response.
And thanks for rpg. :slight_smile:

(a2n3d7y) #192

LastX = -32000
LastY = -32000

Changing the values to “100” fixed it.

Thanks again!

(Icarus) #193

Thanks for reporting back.

I will fix it.
Whats happening, is that when RPG exits, it stores its window location, and probably sometimes, it gets this location wrong.

My bad, easy to fix, will release a version later today.

(Icarus) #194

Released version 0.75 - should now fix the problem of the sometimes disappearing window.

(kasmo) #195

thank you for sharing this! just tryed it today, this will help if i have no inspiration :)
playing arround for 5 minutes and a new song idea is born, great tool !

(a2n3d7y) #196

Still lovin rpg…
So, would it be possible to port it in Lua as a renoise tool? :slight_smile:

(Bungle) #197

I would say it is definately possible (Look at the epic arp, similar sort of concept)
All we have to do now is hope the dev finds time to do so
This would be a kick ass script


(epc) #198

Yeah it can definitely be ported. Maybe not some parts of the interface (like the ability to draw with sliders) but you can make an approximate solution for that in the meantime.

(Icarus) #199

I have released a fix version 0.76 (thanks Lenny), available at the usual place.

This version works with Renoise 2.8+
If you are working with older Renoise version, there is a variable to config in the INI.

(crazya02) #200

Maybe this could be made into a Tool? It would make integration easier, with cross-platform capabilities to boot.