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(Kyle) #161

I’m having trouble generating chords: RPG only puts notes on one track. Any ideas?

(Icarus) #162

What is the problem?

Try this:
Setup your RPG and Renoise like this
Note that Renoise showing two sub tracks (Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow to add subtrack)

By dannybens

Now notice the following on RPG:

  1. The probability sliders at the bottom are at max - causing EVERY note in these slots to be filled
  2. Tracks (in Data) set to 2

Now, in the Scales and Chords area, play with it as you wish so it updates the keyboard THEN press Enter / Generate to paste in Renoise.

Note that I have used 0% on the rightmost dropdown in this area, so that only “on-chord” notes are used, and not other notes on that scale.

I am guessing your issue was with the subtrack.
Now, if it bothers you that this is a subtrack chord and not a track, you can change it in the INI file.

See the last key of the INI
SubTrackPaste =1

Change to
SubTrackPaste =0

If you want that changed.


(Djeroek) #163

ey Icarus, I tried downloading your program from school servers today and encountered some problem. Your download first started , but then, when unpacking the .rar, I got an error message. The second time I tried the link, the school active virus search filter popped up and blocked it! Is it a false positive, or can you confirm there is something wrong with the rar?



(Icarus) #164


let me check.
I dont want to blame AutoHotkey (the application I used to write RPG) but I know that sometimes its executables generate false positives due to the packing method.

I am using BitDefneder here and it does not show.

But, let me get back to you in a few.


Ok, tested and working for me.
Make sure you download from here:

I also uploaded it to test with VirusTotal (checks with 39 anti virus apps) and I see only eSafe reports “suspicious file” which is probably the packer issue.
The other 38 virus apps show clean

The report is here:

(I hope they keep it for long enough, if not you can upload yours)

Another possibility, is the the download was corrupted, and then you never know what “virus stamps” the antivir software may find there.

The file needs to be 355kb (363,898 bytes)

Hope you can download, if you still have issues let me know.

(Djeroek) #165

downloaded just fine here, where I’m leaching internet now. Avg didn’t pop up, so I guess it is the over anal sonicwall school filter having problems with the packing.

Cheers for your trouble!



(Icarus) #166

My pleasure Richard.

(Kyle) #167

Excellent, Icarus, works like a charm now :D
At first it didn’t; I followed your instructions on setting up RPG, but the problem was still there. Then I noticed I had not actually added a subtrack, but rather expanded my track by pressing the ‘+’ sign at the top right area of the track. As you correctly state, the correct procedure is pressing ctr+shift+right arrow.

Again, thanks a lot for your help, and once more for developing this very inspirational prog :)

(Icarus) #168

Ahhh… appreciate your nice words Kyle. I am glad you like it.
If you haven’t seen the tutorials and the “RPG Session” videos, if you have a few minutes to kill, you might enjoy them. (videos here)

In the RPG Session videos, I created some songs in “one pass” only with RPG. May give you some usage ideas.

(Kyle) #169

I’ll have another look at the vids, Icarus. Haven’t been doing music the last couple of months, so I guess I should do a recap ;)
Thanks again! :)

(meloday) #170

i just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU! Fantastic and inspirational tool! Now, where can I donate?

i haven’t read the whole thread, and i’m sure it’s been requested, but being able to randomise effect commands would be the amazing! and even if this is never implemented, i still want to donate :yeah:

thanks for your work.

(Icarus) #171


Nice to hear. Thanks for your words and for the gesture - but this is purely a gift from me to the Renoise community.

I think effects randomization was asked once - the reason I did not do anything about it is because I am a 100% VST user and effects column is usually for sample based instruments.

But, a) correct me if I am wrong and B) if you have some specific ideas as for what you want done in such randomization, let me know - either here or by email - and I can try and implement.

(Djeroek) #172

somehow, AVG has marked RPG and flicflac.exe as a trojan horse generic 13.BKUU. Meh, friggin AVG.

(Icarus) #173

Yeah… I got a similar report on another tool I distribute.
Its the AutoHotkey packer (UPX I think?) that is sometimes marked as false positive.

If you want to be sure they are clean, use VirusTotal.com
I sent my files to their scanner, and indeed saw that AVG marked it as trojan.

I have a solution for this that seemed to work - I recompiled it using a newer version of AHK.

I will do the same for these two utilities and post here when they are up.

Hopefully during the next couple of hours.

Sorry about that annoying inconvenience.

(Icarus) #174

Jonas, thanks for the report.

RPG 0.73 is now live, recompiled with new AutoHotkey compiler, which does not trigger that AVG false positive threat.

Download here
VirusTotal report here

(flicflac also recompiled, will post in the flicflac thread)

(Icarus) #175

Hey guys,

Quick FYI.
I have moved my site from Wordpress to PHP.
I did my best to make sure all previous links from this thread and the Renoise tools page are still working, so if you find anything broken, please let me know.

RPG Home is at sector-seven.net/software/rpg

(Icarus) #176

Hello everybody,

Dont know if this bothered anyone, but I noticed that the default skin was not too vista friendly - the progress bars which are used for the keys did not have border, they were barely visible on the black background.

So I have updated the default skin and version 0.74 is up.
If someone using Vista can confirm this looks ok, it would be great (I only saw a screenshot on softpedia).

P.S. - Ctrl+K changes skins.

(misk) #177

if someone would ever be willing to take it upon themselves to port this to mac, i would shower them with monopoly money.

(vV) #178

I guess they didn’t liked a similar offer, else it would probably have been ported :P

(aphid308) #179

anyone have probs with this app failing to load GUI after a while?

(Icarus) #180

First time I hear about it.
What do you mean by that?