Run terminal command after rendering


I would like to run a terminal script after song rendering with the export file name… Is it possible?


  1. Convert rendered wav to apple lossless ALAC:
afconvert -d alac F32@48000-q 127 in.wav out.m4a

or to AAC:

afconvert –d aac I16@48000 –b 256000 -q 127 in.wav out.m4a
  1. Optionally delete the original wav.

Both commands in a terminal script. afconvert is included in OSX. Can I trigger render-complete after the usual/default rendering dialogue using LUA?

Hm no answer means not possible?

Dear devs, isn’t it possible to add such a command one-liner to the renoise settings? “Post render CMD” with a render file variable, or better filename without extension and an extension variable.

If I want to do it in lua, it seems that I always have to render by script. That’s an unessesary complication, since I have to a) rebuild the whole render dialogue then or b ) have to trigger a blind render (with last settings? - which is annoying since you never know the last render settings).

Or can you add an observable obj with the rendered filename and rendering-done bool so you can trigger afterwards using lua? Or setup a the post render call for the internal render dialogue with some new function like set-post render-call(pointer)

You may find this tool use full for dissections

the answer you are looking for should be in source code…

kopias, thanks already looked intro relame, but that’s a kind of chaotic code :slight_smile: I would prefer a one-liner, not a thousand-assa.