Sad News

Arguru, a very talented programmer and creator of a lot of great software, including NoiseTrekker which was the basis for the very first version of Renoise, has died yesterday in a car accident. :(…oticia2192.html…asc&start=0

R.I.P., Juan Antonio.


what??? :o

this is really truly sad :((( we lost really talented guy, how come all the good people die like that :((



His soul lives on in every track produced with Renoise.

Can’t believe this… the guy beyond renoise’s origins… the creator of aodix (I paid attention to future releases) and all that cool ImageLine stuff (I was waiting for some AKAI support in his Software Sampler) died. :(

Unbelievable… recently at end of May he finished an updated version of his Deckadance… and some days later this happens… <_<

This ist the official blog statement by Image Line:…y_id=1180995892

RIP, Juan Antonio Arguelles.

this is damn sad.

we all owe him something.

we should at least post a condolence message on the head news, I think.

… and he’s worked so hard. :(
rest in peace, Arguru.


Really sad…

f****… this question is yet outdated but still poppes in my mind everytime. Why the good ones everytime?

R.I.P Arguru :(

That really sucks. RIP.

This is indeed very sad news. RIP.

I was very pleased to used his softwares. I Hope this thread will help his family,to know, how this guy was a great audio developper.

R.I.P Arguru and thx for all

this news really hits me.
rendering songs feels a bit weird now to me.


This is a tragic loss. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and respect.

Very sad news. His software was well known the world over. We all lose when someone so talented dies. RIP. :(

Truly a great mind.

Oh no!
What a terrible loss for family, friends and the audio world.
Especially the tracker scene really really owe this guy a lot.
The first base for Renoise, psycle Aodix and more recent plugins and programs for discodsp.
Great respect to this man!

rip Juan Antonio

Really sad news. None of us will forget him, ever. Rest in peace genius. :(

really sad and strange… I was in Malaga just last sunday. :( RIP