Sample Draw Tools (Line, Eraser,...)

discussed here also, but as a deritave of the main thread.

simple: more draw tools in the sample editor. if you add a simple curve-system, similar to the envelopes, but maybe with beziers for gentle curves, that would make it a lot easier to draw your own samples. the current draw-tool (pencil) is not very accurate in my experience (mistakes are easy, has the ‘straight edge’ approach for extending the wave to below or above itself- understandable but imo not useful)

edit: just found out that a pretty okay way to draw a nice waveform is to just draw a barely passable or even completely crap-assed waveform, then holding the ‘Smooth’ button until all creases have been smoothed out. really nice. still, beziers and a lomo-filter would be even nicer. :D

Being a chipmusician, this is one of the things I long for as a feature in renoise.

(The other one being the ability to controll the vibrato by lfo, or a more elaborate instrument synthesizing)

vibrato by lfo is easy with 2.7…

use Instr. Automation or… Instr. MIDI Control, with an lfo attached… unless u mean vibrato speed… which, depending on your setup… vst’s are normally simple using the same devices ?

Seeing that holding shift while using the drawtool in the automation editor makes it a line-tool, it would be nice if the drawtool in the sample editor got a similar behavior through holding a modifier key. Would make drawing waveforms a lot easier.

This thread is about samples and not vsti:s I think.

yes, you are correct. the thread is about the native sample draw option in the sample editor.

well thank you verry much sir , I haven’t noticed this
Really great

i’d like to add a feature to the draw-examples in my request: some sort of ‘eraser’ option. say you have a big sample, a full waveform so to speak. what if you just want to dent the sides a bit? or maybe take out some chips here and there? the pencil is too crude for a thing like that, and it has a hard time keeping the waveform intact.

Not quite sure what you mean but from your description I would of thought selecting the area you want (using Snap to Zero Crossing) and then either running the Smooth process a few times or Adjust Volume down by a few dB should do what you want.

Or Adjust Volume down to -inf if you actually mean complete silence.

yeah i see your point with that solution. i also see i should’ve said ‘what if you want to dent a single side a bit?’ - which is not possible through smooth etc because it always works on both sides of the sample.
well maybe this request was not so much a insanely useful thing but more a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing…

I want to see a brush tool & the ability to define/create your own brush, example: make a selection with the mouse in the automation editor of a few points or section and set it as brush, now hold left mouse button to spray the particular dots/line combo’s and be able to vary the height as you move the pointer.

Do you mean the ability to adjust hight of (a selection of) the waveform by dragging the mouse up and down, rather than having to guess and enter values in dB? Or do I just not understand? By saying Brush it sounds like you mean a draw tool but I don’t understand from your description how it would be different to the current one. If it’s the first idea I think it’s quite a good one and don’t think I’ve ever seen it in any other software either.

major fail, I was thinking this request was about the automation editor lol (morning reading ftw!), but anyway yeah, brush tool in the sample editor could work similarly, if you could draw with a selection made in the waveform, maybe some photoshop savvy people making brushes in that program can give a better description of how it should work? :)

I would love a destructive envelope tool similar to Audacity’s.