Sample Editor/loop Question

Hi everyone. Is there a way to control the sample loop start/end points with a pattern effect command?

I’ve checked the manual and searched this forum but haven’t managed to find any info about it.

No. This can’t be done with pattern commands.

But, there is a script that might be useful, “Use Midi Knob To Set Loop Markers:”

I’m not sure if this will work with 2.8 though.

Sadly, it doesn’t work in 2.8. We’ve been requesting this for a while and the last thread is here, if you’re interested in a read.

The last update (for 2.7) was here:

The device reference to the midi instrument device needs to be corrected and the parameter calculation to alter the loop-nodes needs to be corrected, but i think that will be it.
After alteration of the midi instrument device path (that the tool uses to add a midi instrument device to the master track) and a minor change to the loop-start function, i could get the start node moving using the first parameter slider of the midi device.

Thanks for the info guys. I found Musical Programming Environment tool Here, which works in 2.8 and gives loop start/end point control, but i can’t find a way of automating it yet.