Sample modulation: two filter/resonance slots

Hopefully the renoise team will add brackets and math rules to the sampler modulation.

It would be also very useful, if there where at least 2 independant slots/lines of filters. For example simply two buttons “1” and “2” on target boxes “filter” and “resonance”. Of course the matrix would have two additional columns.

Two filter slots are the common standard in tone generation. They can be usually switched in serial or parallel wiring. In fact I don’t even remember one synth, that has only one filter.

Oh I remember a synth with only 1 filter: pro53

why not to duplicate sample and create two fx path with different filters?

Akiz, that’s truely a workaround, but not really a practical solution.

Maybe it would be enough, if one sample could be assigned to multiple slots, so the select box for the slot is a list instead. Wouldn’t be too complicated to implement, right?

I opened a new topic regarding multiple assignment of sets:

new topic


In fact it’d be nice to be able to just add as many filters as wanted. Maybe that could be considered, when (!?) the instrument modulations get a rework. Also IMO the combfilter and screamfilter should be available in the filter list then.