Sample Recorder - Pattern Length

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just occurred to me that an option for setting the number of patterns that the sampler will run for (and then automatically stop) could potentially be useful.


Indeed. I can’t hit stop at the right time because it takes 2 hands to play guitar, so after every recording I have to wait a whole pattern length for it to finish recording unneeded silence. Being able to specify a stopping point would be really useful.

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a lot of times when recording a long sample i’ll forget how many patterns i’m at and end up with an odd number of patterns…, which subsequently breaks the sample offset trigger’s usefulness.

everytime i record something in renoise i still think about how incredibly useful of a feature this would be.

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+1 for this. Bonus points for the option to automatically add a trigger C-4 note on line 00 after stopping recording. That would instantly make it a very useful live looper.

Isn’t there a tool that does this? Can’t remember what it is, but I feel like there was a thread about it…

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