Sample selector

Is there a way I can load a lot of samples in an instrumet and have a slider to choose which sample is played?

Basically I would like to make some kick or other drum selectors.

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I’m not sure if i understand you correctly but you can load a ton of samples into a single instrument and change the last digits in the pattern editor to quickly change between any of the samples loaded,you don’t need a slider,

Is it that you want to quickly toggle through the samples when you are layering and stuff?

i see what you’re after. clever.
i think one might be able to script this. i.e. have a selector of which to play, and the rest would have 0 volume. so like a midiknob 0…127 and depending on where you’re at, all the others are silent.
sounds like a good idea, i’ll work it out.


Or just easily go through different samples when making a drum loops for example.
Currently the closest is to make a drum instruments with all the samples, let’s say kicks.
Then click on the transpose button for the whole track.
It requires a click everytime, being able to control it with a slider would require a lot less efforts.
You can do this in ableton sampler, people then make instruments such as a kick selector for a certain genre.

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Ah, with scripting… Good idea!

am i understanding correctly that you’d like to have a slider that lets you transpose +/- the pattern note content for selected_instrument? cos that could also be done, i guess.
it might be easier and less destructive than “mute all the others, just play this”.

I am just looking for a way to have an instrument containing a bunch of samples, let’s say kicks for the sake of the example.
I would program my kick in the editor, but then would slide through the different kicks in the instrument to find the one that fits best.
Only one sample at at time will be used in the track/instrument. Bonus if it can be played chromatically (I could see myself grouping some synths samples together)

Here is how it’s done in ableton sampler

Not quite as simple as in Ableton, but the way I usually do this is to stack all the samples I want to select from in an instrument, make a drum kit out of them in the keyzones editor, place c-4’s in the pattern editor, then select all the notes and use the transpose selection hotkey to shift the pitch until I find the one I want (option+F1/F2). Or I’ll just manually audition samples via pitch with the keyboard and then write the pattern.

Not sure if we have a good, quick, way to do this via macro. You •could• set up an instrument that has multiple modulation sets with a macro to select via volume stepper reset, like this:
selector example.xrni (2.1 MB)
and then load in whatever samples you want in each of the slots, but it’s kinda tedious that way, and kind of defeats the purpose of speed/time efficiency

If you have a sliced sample with multiple hits, the New Tool (3.3): value stepper is useful for auditioning slices, Write the notes to pattern with an Sxx command in the fx column, then select all the xx of the Sxx and step through values til you find the one you want. more useful for breaks or long samples you can slice, than for individual hits, though


This is what I do,it’s really fast,you can skip octaves as well

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yeah, for me this is the simplest/fastest method. Then if I want to play it chromatically I’ll just edit the keyzone or delete the others or dump that sample into another instrument

That’s what I do too currently, seems like that’s the ultimate way then.
I wish as well I could navigate instrument presets with the keyboard, that way I’d create folders with themed instruments and just audition them with the keyboard instead of mouse clicking.

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