Sample waveform view...


Not sure if this idea has already arrived here. I know this could be very hard to implement, but I think it would be nice to have the sample waveform as background image, just beneath the track data. It could be useful to see a draw of the waveforms (in a vertical set of course), specially on those tracks where you trigger long samples.

This idea is like a mixture between an horizontal sample arranger and the usual vertical pattern style of Renoise.


I would love to see this. Renoise 3.0 maybe? :)

Cool idea! +1

Yes. A similar view of automation would be tricked out, too.

:yeah: Yep, this would be nice! Ideas like this have been suggested in the audiotracks pinned thread. Here’s a mockup!

Edit: sumthin wrong with the direct link? It’s at post #223 in the thread.

Yes! Thanks. Nice pictures in that thread. It is very similar what I was thinking about.

My original idea was to use the waveform picture as the background of each column/track in order to maximize the horizontal usable screen surface.


That would be really cool. I have no idea why but I really do like being able to see music :P

I thought it might be usefull to have have an envelope set itself to the same length as the sample.
not quite the same but it has additional uses, as well as representing some degree of positional info.