Sampler ADSR: Release is off-screen

Well, if the release is set longer, then it goes off-screen, that is, part of the envelope cannot be seen anymore. I also did not find a way to zoom out.

The opposite would be useful too: with the new modulation system, we can create very sharp attacks, and often I’d like the ability to zoom in, to see exactly what is going on.

I suggest a simple “zoom factor”, without introducing the visual clutter of a scrollbar etc. Just the ability to zoom out to get a picture of the release (no matter how long), or zoom in to have a precise look at the first few milliseconds.

yes yes to “zoom factor”!!!

Yes, i remember the first time i checked out the new sampler and one of the first things i did was to hoover over the envelope and move my scroll wheel to get a better look…wtf?

+1 for zoomable envelopes!

same thing I did.