Sampler FM like Live's sampler

Is it possible to do this type of FM yet? Even a single carrier and modulator would be cool. Oh how powerful Renoise’s Sampler would be :)

Ableton Live’s Sampler:
Sampler features one dedicated modulation oscillator per voice, which can perform frequency or amplitude modulation ( FM or AM ) on the multisample. The oscillator is fully featured, with 21 waveforms (available in the Type chooser), plus its own loopable amplitude envelope for dynamic waveshaping. Note that this oscillator performs modulation only — its output is never heard directly. What you hear is the effect of its output upon the multisample.
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you can assign lfo for volume, pitch, panning, and filter cutoff/resonance. Or is this something different that you want to do?

Nope, looking for tuned FM. :unsure:/>

It’s not possible, but maybe this can be moved to feature request section.

I’d say don’t count on it , we have been begging for synthesis features for years now .

Now byte smasher have to chime in and say

’ we don’t need that ’ , renoise is a sampler ’ lol

If monophonic (not per-voice) modulation is acceptable, this Doofer should be interesting to play with?
It essentially does the same thing as the Live one, modulating the sound according to the notes being played.

(1) Mod Depth - 0% is no modulation, 100% is full modulation
(2) Waveform - switch between Sine/Triangle/Pulse/Saw/Square
(3) Inertia - time it takes to sweep between different notes
(4) Transpose - range of four octaves (25% is one, 100% is four)

Yep this shares the same concept however not like in a typical modulator/carrier situation like lives sampler.
I will certainly be using this though it produces some pretty unexpected results! Thanks.