Sampler Overlap Random

Put two samples in an instrument and set overlap to “Random” in keyzones and
the results doesn’t seem very random - it’s just cycling the two of them.

If there’s three or more samples the result is much more “random”.

Is this how it was intended to work?

Yes - although random is random, it will not repeat the same sound twice.

If you have just two sounds, try to duplicate/overlap them a few more times?

but this is not random!!! random is random when you cannot predict what result is the next, this means that it is possible the have two identical value in succession! Think at a snare sound, made by two different sample, if random is snare1, snare2, snare1, snare2… this is wrong.

What if it were split off into two options?

  • Round-robin
  • Random

I know round-robin (the current ‘random’) is more likely to be musically-pleasing, however actual uncontrolled randomness may sometimes be desired.

You can also use modulation sets that apply different effects to a snare using an lfo with the randomiser.
But Round-robin is frankly your latter definition. You may consider that kind of random is wrong, but round-robin is nothing more than sample cycling in a specific fashion.
So you could give each snare their own modulation sets with different filters applied where effects are also be parametrized in a random fashion (by e.g. the lfo with random option used), this gives a bit more randomized effect

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Round Robin

I think it’s a valid suggestion to add a “true” random mode?

I provided a workaround (duplication of sound), but it seems like a hackish way to achieve true randomness…

+1 for Random

My scenario for the +1 is
consolidating the amount of notes in the pattern editor with the MaYbe command…

My hope is that Random will be similar to the MayBe command… I suppose with a simple 1:1 ratio, no weighted randomness.

If I could randomize the playback (forward or backwards), that would be a nice addition as well.
This will save me one column of duplicating the notes and adding the “B0” command.

Its feasible to do now, but whatever MayBe is doing, it would be cool inside the Keyzone Editor.