Sampler section needs more basic features

I think there are missing some basic tools/features here and there in the sampler.
I mean, you can’t duplicate an fx chain or modulation set, but you can copy the chain and paste into another chain. On the other hand you can’t copy and paste a phrase, but you can duplicate it. :lol:
It would also be nice to be able to expand and shrink phrases. “Show/hide advanced phrase editor operations” anyone?

While we’re at it, i would also suggest the possibility to macro the filter type of a modulation set. :D

Sample start is missing, too. Also a basic feature. I just dont want to do destructive work on samples. :)

I don’t know what you mean by sample start? :unsure:

Similar like loop start, where you can set the loop starting point. I just want to set a sample start point of samples, too. Maybe i’ve a long looped pad sample. I duplicate the sample in the instrument editor. Pan “sample 1” to left and “sample 2” to right. Now when you could change the sample startb point of one of the samples, you would have a stereo pad, because both samples dont start on the same position.

Ah, i see, could be handy, though i have never thought i needed it. ^_^

Loop start is maybe the most handy and wanted feature with advanced instr editor imho.

@TheBellows: LOL indeed. Yes, that could be more consistent +1

This is already being discussed elsewhere, I think?

@toimp: generally speaking, please check if someone already created a topic for it? Otherwise, you simply run the risk that your suggestion is being overlooked.

@danoise: Loop start and sample start are two different things. I think both should be available for modulation, though.

toimp were talking about sample start, so i guess danoise is perfectly aware of that as he linked to your topic about sample start. ;)

Granted, they are not exactly the same thing. But toimp can always start a separate topic, if he wants to :D

Ideally, the principle is not to bombard any particular topic with different ideas. I guess I’ve taken it upon myself to try and moderate the Ideas & Suggestions forum, since there is a whole lot of different ideas flowing around :-). And yes, this can of course make you seem pretty anal, but I think it’s worth it.

I think probably this must be the forum with the most misunderstandings. :lol:/>
The thing here is that toimp were talking about sample start, which already has a topic, while all of a sudden Akiz starts to talk abut loop start, probably assuming that toimp was talking about loop start or that loop start and sample start was the same thing or simply just mistyped. Then Danoise what seem to me, correctly reffered to toimps post about sample start, but then came fladd and made a post correcting danoise because he probably assumed danose was referring to Akiz’s post about loop start and then…damn i’m confused. :badteeth:/>
We already have loop start don’t we? So why don’t we just add a sample start and make them both automatable? :badteethslayer:/>

Yeah, i know.