Modulate sample start

(fladd) #1

As the title says. Would be nice to modulate the sample start (by velocity for instance).

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Ability to have sample start at random positions
(Djeroek) #2


(aombk) #3


via automation also.
also modulate sample end would be nice

(migloJE) #4

the same suggestion here Diagram of additional features that would be welcome in the future

triger feature to modulate the sample start or loop point… ++ many many more…

(Terada) #5


I guess it was obsiously applyed in v3.0. unfortunately it’s not.

(joule) #6

I think they should wait a bit and implement this feature in a new accordion slider named “Sample parameters”, where loop points can be modulated as well.

Better to make it proper (which undoubtedly would require some dev time) than to haste and put in a feature wherever.

(emre_k) #7

+1. Surprised the sampler still lacks this. We should AT LEAST be able to move the start position with the mouse just like adjusting the loop handles.

(TheBellows) #8

I just thought of a very nice use for this if the loop start point could be set beyond the sample start point (as in to the left of the sample start).

(fladd) #9

Here is a very good explanation why this basic feature is so essential for any sampler:

I would really suggest taktik and his crew to look into this. Especially since there is no DFD in the Renoise sampler, modulating sample start is a great way to get around massive multisampling, while still getting naturally sounding instruments.