Sampler: Set loop mode for multiple samples/slices

It’s pretty frustrating to slice up your sample, move a few slice points around, and then realize that they’re all set to loop. Currently (unless I’m missing something), you have to change all of their loop modes individually or go back, change the loop mode for the original sample to the desired one, and re-slice. It would be pretty handy to be able to just select a bunch of samples in the sample list and change the loop mode for all of them at once.

YES, like it was possible in Renoise 2.8.

That doesn’t change anything. Whether it’s slices or samples, you currently have to change them one at a time.


Seems like a bug this, should be able to set the loop mode on multiple slices at once, like you can set the transpose for example.


oops my mistake you can do it

it’s in the Sample Properties panel, not on the right under the waveform