Sample'S Selected Area Playing In Loop Mode


I would like to found some loops into a long sample, as quick as it is possible…

So I load the sample as an instrument, going into Sample Editor.

I would like to select an area of the sample, then play it in loop mode without triggering the sample into the Pattern Editor.

For that, we need a Loop Mode Button in the Sample Editor.!

I mean an eternal Loop mode Button !

You could select an area of the sample, then play it in loop mode continously, then reselect an other selection, without pressing the play button again…

You have this feature in all good sound editors…Rezound do it so good

Come on, let’s vote !!


Dude… you don’t need to keep posting this same idea over and over again. You could have simply asked a moderator to move the first thread into the ideas and suggestions forum, or to move the second thread from ideas & suggestions into the 2.6 area if that’s really where you think it belongs.

As I already mentioned in your original thread, I like the idea and think it could be useful, but you’ve gotta relax, man. Don’t start flooding the forums, because that will become really annoying really quickly.


Yes, sorry for this, I wanted to put this into Renoise-2.6 Ideas and Suggestions…


This idea is already good enough for the ideas & suggestions forum. Don’t count on it that it ends up in 2.6 anyway. Currently it is bug-fix mode and perhaps if there is some more time: Lua API extensions.
Topic closed.

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