Satisfy Your Need For Basic Waves

I’ve just finished dumping a bunch of virus waves, and converted them to xrni format.
Really basic stuff, but good for more than just chiptunes :slight_smile:…

If you make something, like a pad or percussion instrument, based on these samples, it would be cool to post a link, but of course that’s up to you!



wicked, great initiative! thanks for sharing

Nice one!

Including some original ones I did with RNDWave.


Very nice

Hi all, just wanted to inform you that I have uploaded a new version of the sample pack, with improved loop points.
The change was prompted by this thread. I guess I had nothing better to do yesterday evening :slight_smile:

Download it here:…

Link doesn’t work. I get 0kb file. Could you please re-upload it?

Oops! Sorry about that……

Thnx! :yeah: