Saving Audio Files

Hi, I’ve recently started using Renoise 2.5 demo and have just noticed I cannot save audio files. I had a look on the website to try and find out what I needed to do but it was unclear so wondered if anyone here could help me. In order to save audio files do I have to register the demo or buy the full version?

If you just want to save instruments or samples:

  • Select the instrument or sample you want to save.
  • Switch to the Disk Browser view.
  • Choose Instrument or Sample as the file type.
  • Navigate to your desired location.
  • Enter a filename into the text field below the file list, then hit the Save button.

Alternatively, you can right-click the Instruments list in Renoise and choose Save Instrument from there. And you can also right-click in the Sample Editor to choose Save Sample from there.

If you want to actually render your whole song to .wav, then you need to buy a license for this. All rendering is disabled in the demo.

PS. Renoise 2.5 is rather old now. Get the Renoise 2.8 demo instead :)

Yh rendering is what I meant. Does that mean getting the full version or just a license for the demo? Oh yh thanks I’ll give it a look.

There’s no way to unlock features in the demo with a registration key or anything like that.

You will just need to buy the full version of Renoise which is unrestricted and contains all of the rendering functionality. After your purchase you will receive an email containing log in details to our Backstage Area, where you can download the full version.

Buy it mate, it’s so worth it!

Ok thanks for your help! I think I will, I’ve been using it a week and picked it up quicker than I expected and I think it works out around £55 if I was looking at the right bit.

Give it another week or two if you’re still unsure. There’s no need to rush into anything here. Hopefully the demo is not too restrictive that it gets in the way of your ability to fully test all the important stuff.

It seems good so far. The only thing I’ve been disappointed with is that there doesn’t seem to be any good synth samples/instruments on it as I’m into Pendulum and Chase & Status sort of music so it’s important really. Are there any on the full version?

Sadly not, but there are plenty of third party instruments you could use for drum & bass production. There’s a really good sticky here: Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins which contains plenty of amazing free vsts. If you really need help, hit me up and I’ll throw together a .rar file of vst’s and point you in the direction of some good samples too.

There are also some great tools that can produce kick ass synth instruments.
One of them is still beta…

In my experience, absolutely not! I thought that the balance for demo features was hit exactly right. I could use renoise to its full potential and discover what it could do without being hampered by annoying restrictions. For me the openness of the demo was a big driver to buy the full version as I knew exactly what I was buying.

I also felt that the lack of restrictions meant I started off with a lot of goodwill towards renoise, topped off by the excellent community here.