Science Can Now Explain The "Oneness" Of Humanity


Nice video!

In some way since “quantum physics” science can explain the oneness of humanity. Before that, all the things in the universe were conceived as different systems, different parts of the universe, in quantum mechanics the universe/multiverse is saw as a one big system.

Quantum mechanics still doesn’t explain how we can seemingly empathize with almost anyone in ways which have previously been considered “psychic”… or why when on certain substances, we can “feel the trees breathing” … this explains all that. We’ve got an empathy system in our brain that tries as hard as it can to determine how other people are thinking and feeling.

wants local anaesthetic to try this at home

I assume that applying pressure to a certain nerves for some time causing the limb to “go to sleep”, should work as well. Google for right spots to apply pressure to.

Next thing I’m going to do is learn to remotely make women orgasm. Would be great entertainment for long train trips.

Another way humans are related is that we all like to brag.

AT fields = real.

God is the Greatest

God is One

[/center]Leave it up to you ALWAYS 'smasher to post some interesting shit… however what I found even more relavent was the little video AFTER the main presentation about the technology on improving the enviroment =D so THANKS MAN!!! [center]


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Amazing how such a scientific discovery makes people feel the need to proclaim their religiosity… do you guys find this threatening for some reason?

Something for your mind, your body and your soul :)

keep your imaginary friends at home plz.

oh and check out ’ a universe from nothing’ by lawrence krauss…

science for teh win! :)

Technically, Hydrogen is the greatest (in terms of natural occurrence and ubiquity)

Hydrogen is one (atomic number)



wow, saw that clip on another forum today! was a good watch!

I don’t.

And what’s this video going on about?

Truth right here