Score Edit/view

I would like to see a score editor in Renoise. Ofcourse it would have to be Horizontal. But I think it would be legit.



ikaruga style

3 dimensional rotating

Would be great! but I wouldn`t hold my breath that it would come any time soon.

I think a score view would be a great improvement for Renoise. I don’t mean piano rolls or nothing like in a traditional sequencer. Just simple integrated score view where I could play with real notes.

I know that you can make triplets in Renoise in several ways, but it is not that intuitive. Working with real notes here would help a lot. Also, if I want to make a wicked synth solo with 33 notes in a beat, it is not that easy to implement with Renoise.

I don’t know how hard it would be to implement this. I would think basic features with notes and timing would not be impossible, since quite many “simple” programs can handle this (for example Guitar Pro). Of course, integrating all tracker effects is not like possibly.

Also, score view would definitely attract new users. There would be something familiar to start with. I bet this would be a killer feature, nobody would want to use any other DAW then :)

Why not go all M-Theory and do it in 11 dimensions? We could be writing in another universe!

I can’t think of a program it would be easier to do in than Renoise!

Maybe there is an easy way that I haven’t thought of yet (I am not a very experienced user in this tracker). But if I have a beat with 16 lines, how would I divide evenly 33 notes in that? Change lines per beat to 33? How would I match the other instruments in this new setting in the middle of a song? Is there a way to create this easily without rearranging my other 30 tracks?

Don’t get me wrong, I really love tracker view and Renoise. But traditional notes is not “another universe”, just another representation and fundamental stuff for any composing program (but somehow not in tracker scene).

You use the delay option, you don’t need to alter the LPB option for that. To be able to evenly divide notes in a specific amount of steps you could try to use Epic Arpeggiator, be it that you manually have to calculate the distance between the first two notes if you want to evenly spread a certain amount of notes across a specific amount of lines.

My Fractional Notes Tool can take care of this for you, no problemo :)

Thanks!! This seems to be exactly what I was looking for, simple enough.

Ok, the point was that with traditional score it might easier to implement stuff like “these are like eight notes but play 10 of them (10:8)”. I see that Fractional Notes generates some weird stuff, I would not want to calculate this manually. But if this really works in all cases, I’m very happy with the solution :)