Scratching In Renoise 2.7

Seeing this old topic, and knowing what I’ve been doing for the latest DDRC compo, I figured I’d let you in on a cool effect which comes close to the sound of a ‘scratch’ effect on vinyl. Probably been done before, but any way here’s my take.
czech it out

wow, thanks a lot!! really nice! you rock.

one thing I wonder about though, on channel 2 the “stutter” effect is on, but I dont have stutter in my DSP-list? how does that work, and how can I use it other songs?

You can find it in the Depreciated folder of the default DSP Chains which come with Renoise.

I wont go into the history deeply here but it was developed for an earlier version (2.5?) but due to lengthy discussion and it not behaving quite how people at first thought it would it was “temporarily” shelved, accessible through that section (or copy and pasting relevant code) with a promise it would return officially in the next version (which is still as yet to happen.)

Thanks a bunch! Now if you got a loop yourself from somewhere, you can sidechain it to duck the scratch effect, and sound like a pro DJ ;D Add block loop sizes to your keybinds and you’re good to go.
Works best with loop tracks with a lot of high freqs, so when I was building sth for the competition (i’m not gonna send it in but ok) I played a render of the loop back on a highly distorting snare channel… the outcome of that proved a good scratch source :)
(NB. in the scratch sendtrack, you can choose between the stutter or the ‘Solar System’ delay. the latter might work better for pads or certain nonlooped, shorter sounds. also check this option out when scratching over line-in)

Also, ‘pro’ tip: in the preferences, under Files, you can uncheck “Replace Existing Chain” so you don’t have to create a dummy track to just load up an old/deprecated effect. Also cool fx to check out from this folder: “Distortion 1”, “Shaper”, etc.

Always forget Replace Existing is the default as I can’t see it being useful as often and that is one of the changes I always make shortly after installing Renoise. Good to point it out though :)

The effect was okay…but it got me thinking about another way to achieve a scratch effect that I want to try out…this was definitely an eye opener, though. :)

so… you gonna be a good boy then and let the people see & hear it too then ?? kthxbye ;D

“Invalid or Deleted File”


Renoise forum mods, please for the love of god allow small (<100kb) attachments to posts!

Hahaha I agree :D +1. Not just in the friggin XRNS announcement forum…
I’ll see if I still got it laying around somewhere in the jungles of directories and shortcuts and stuff…

edit… I remember the effect is also in one of the DDRC entries I did, the one I’ve won if I’m not mistaken. can’t find it right now. It was a ‘Resynth2 only’ compo.

edit2… found it, online, check. unzip entry #1, go to track #11, select instrument #15 (0F), hit C-4 and play with the XY pad. now you can study all the crap I put in there because I’m not even sure what I did there… something with LPF=>LofiMat=>HPF basically…
O yeah and mute the send track #12 (‘more delaypad fx’)

I wish if you have time please do some video tutorials it may help people like me get interested to renoise :slight_smile: thanks btw the projects rules! thanks for sharing