SDCompo Round 77 - Internal Synthesis Theme

Hello Renoisers!!! Just wanted to make sure you all knew that SDCompo is having a round with a theme of “Internal tracker synthesis”. You know what this means? Buzz and Psycle may have an advantage over Renoise. :panic:

But… I know Renoise users are innovative, maybe you can figure out a way to show them up ;)

We had a couple ex Dead-dogs participants in Round 77: Kurtz and Bellows. Was great to have you guys over there. Hope some more of you Renoise forum-goers will show up and show everyone that Renoise is still king of the hill :)

Come on over for all the throwdown fun at SDCompo

let’s rock

I’m in for this round, already started making a really bad drum kit out of the waveform generator. I also figured something out that used to bug me before. The wave generator’s sine waves always made crappy waves for me, like, they had harmonics. Visible and audible as a slight distorted kind of sound. I guess because of the limits of drawing a sine wave with straight lines. BUT what I figured out last night is you can just generate a wave at C0, and because there’s more area to draw on you get a more perfect wave and no visible/audible harmonics.

And then I pitch bent the hell out of it to make a kick so it probably didn’t matter anyways.

This time i’ll definatly beat you all! Even KURTZ! :lol:
I just need to start tracking…

Carbonthief: You know there is a sample pack with drums for this round right? Just thought i should mention it in case you hadn’t noticed, nothing wrong with making your own though. ;)

I hope you’ll make one of your supa killa tracks - will you also contribute to the Mutant Breaks Compo?

Oh I noticed. AFTER I sunk several hours into making my own. Just going to roll with the ones I made now.

Ah, mutant breaks, i guess i should enter that one too, i’ll see what i can come up with. :)

1 supa killa track coming up! :P
Thanks to your Easy Formants i got some sick “vocals” too! :D

… and thanks to your Wannabe Formants I got some “spicy killa bass” now !

Hey The Bellows you’re the 1st with A-Lin !

I think you’re in a good vibe, sure you can also make it in the MB compo !