Se: "interpolate" Submenu In The Right Click Menu

It would be useful to have an “Interpolate” submenu in the right click menu in the Sample Editor with the obvious Linear, Logarithmic, and Exponential options. This would interpolate the selection (or the whole sample if no selection was made) from the first sample to the last according to the selected algorithm. Perhaps the current “Smooth/Interpolate” options could be part of this submenu as well.

Interpolation is used when changing the playback speed of the sample itself, ie. when playing the sample at higher or lower notes than its original pitch.

It doesn’t really make sense to simply “interpolate” part (or all) of the sample on its own. Are you perhaps confusing this process with something else? Or do you expect to use the interpolate function, and then a dialog pops up asking you for a new pitch, or something else?

I guess you are probably talking about blending/mixing the samples together, with linear/log/exp curves being used for the volume fades?

It’s not quite clear what you’re looking for here, so some more details would be great.

I suppose I’m just really wanting to get in and fidget with the sample directly, as with the draw tool, for creating new sounds by manipulating them visually in the sample editor.

Yeah, forgive me. Now that I just spotted your other post, I understand the context now and see what you were asking for. I mistakenly thought you were talking about somehow morphing the samples together, ie. multiple samples within the instrument.

But this interpolation feature would indeed be pretty useful, and would help for drawing smooth lines.