Searching A Pattern Effect !!

Hey there ,

i´m searching a pattern fx !!

… like this , the song is playing , now when i use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down the pattern jumps , can i use any number code for this fx ? that would be a great fx ! anyone knows a combination for this (intern pattern jump ) ??

like " 0J58" to jump to this position in the same pattern.

Thanx for your help

Greetz Bertram Dee

There is no pattern jump command.
There is only a pattern break command and this one allows you to jump to any specific row in the next sequence position. This pattern command is: FBXX

Thanx , for your post .,

than it is a good idea for the " to do list "

this feature where an awsome thing in renoise , i remind me to Fasttracker2 i mean this feature was in it :)

hope that this comes in the next releases anytime

Greetz Bertram Dee

Semi related, check out the following Lua script:

New Tool: Reverse Playback

Using Lua, you could probably accomplish what you wanted. But yeah, not a pattern effect command.