Searching Mac users to test my new plugins

Hi! I’m working on some new VST projects which i will release within the new year. Now my question:

These plugins also will be the first ones, which i also plan to release as Mac AU and Mac VST3 plugins.

I 'm working on Windows to develop my plugins and i’m able to port these plugins later to Mac. But i don’t have a Mac for testing the proper work of these versions. So i wanna ask especially the Mac users if some of you are willing to beta-test these plugins, as soon as the’re are ready for testing. I’m working on some unique ideas, that’s what i can say for now.
I want to keep these ideas secret for the moment, because other plugin developers might also be interested in these ideas and i don’t want them to steal my ideas.

If you’re interested to help me testing these plugins within the new year on you Mac system, please reply or send me an email to:

P.S.: as always, all these plugins will be available as freeware when they’ll be released.:wink:

P.P.S: i’ve developed a delay plugin a while ago and i also made a Mac AU version (no M1 support yet) of it, but until now i had no chance to test it on a Mac. Maybe the one or other could test it for me for proper work, so that i also can add the Mac version to my download page…

Here’s the download link for the Mac version to test:

I don’t know if it will work, because i already mentioned, until now i had no chance to test on a Mac.

Here’s a picture of the delay plugin:

Thanks a lot!

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I’d be down to help test

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I added a download link to my original post.:wink:

Please let me know if it works for you or not.


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DLed, added to components folder, rescanned plugins, no dice… doesn’t show up
Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 12.23.07 PM
^system info

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Works here, only the feedback filters do not seem to have an effect? I restarted AudioComponentRegistrar and then started Renoise and did a scan.

I’ll try restarting renoise. usually a recan does the trick for new plugs, but maybe not this time

Linux here

I’ve no experiences yet with making plugins for Linux. Can’t you load normal Windows VSTs in Linux? Because there’s already a Win VST version on my site for download.

Possible with wine and e.g. Yabridge. I never tested it, cause I like to keep it simple.

I’ll have a look at the filter. The rest is working?


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All good on macOS Monterey (Intel).

@ffx That’s strange, the filters are working here. They only affect the feedback though, so the initial wet signal is always unfiltered. I assume that’s by design.

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Ah, maybe that’s the issue @slujr had. Yes it affects only the feedback loop, that’s by design. The filters are designed for simulating that typical filtering effect, that happens on the feedback loop of analog tape delays.

And the flanger also affects only the feedback loop. You can hear such a kind of delay on the 5th arp sequence directly from the beginning in Nils van Gogh’s track “Pulverturm”, a 90s classic.

@slujr i now made some small changes. I updated the dl link with the new version. Maybe it now works for you.

@all testers, please also try to double click the controls to test, if the controls will reset to their default init values?

I also made some small changes in the filter. Maybe it now works for you, @ffx



Double click works, but some of the text now appears to be clipped:


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Thanks, i’ll take a look.

I added some lines in the global.txt file and updated the dl link with the fixed version. This should fix it. Just download it again via the original dl link. Just let me know if it works.

got it working now, works well :slight_smile:
one small gui detail, the g in “degrade” appears clipped by the knob
Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 10.25.29 AM

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For me it’s the “LPF” and Degrader “Mix” that are slightly clipped now. Everything else looks good though.

Ok thanks! Then some lines in the global.txt file need some more adjustments. Will fix it.