Second song made in renoise

still trying to figure out the layout for this new genre i started to learn when i switched to renoise, i used to focus on trap in FL studio, the tracker layout does actually make more sense imo

id like to start to mess around with the FX commands in the future


sounds like there are some mixing issues to me. bass is too forward, clap should have more high mids, maybe saturate/eq the drum bus a little to make it pop more.
you might want to high pass your bass, too, and let the kick carry the sub… dunno, but the low end is muddying up your mix.

nice tune. not so much my cup of tea aesthetically, but that’s all good. I feel like the ending section could use more variation or the addition/subtraction of another element to give more of a sense of climax.

nice work overall! seems like you’re picking renoise up quick :slight_smile:

im brand new to mixing, im a basshead so i need to figure out how to keep it loud like a 808 but clean at same time, ty for helping as no one has ever helped me with any of these things directly , my headphones are budget akg k240 they are pre shit…

im also trying to make it sound like it was recorded on shitty tape etc

updated link. lmk if it sounds any better

I really like it. Sounds good to me, maybe the kick could be louder or have more punch / impact. I like the dynamics, pumps well.

Yeah, it’s unmistakable that you’re a basshead. :grin:
At the moment the bass rumbles across the speakers and the mids are pretty weak respectively the melody given instruments are too soft. I think you can try to fix this simply by increasing the volume of the melody given instruments. Furthermore I would monoize the synth bass and put a sidechain on the kick affecting the synth bass. Personally I would also increase the frequencies at 1000 Hz in case of the kick to get a little more punch. Last but not least I would decrease the loudness of the hats a little and the loudness of the “tom” a little more. The tom is twice as loud as anything else. But nevertheless I like your style! Keep it up! :+1:

Thanks ill keep that in mind

thanks alot for the feedback, its much needed as i really want to improve! i do have a side chain on the bass atm but its extremely subtle

All right. You’ve got a really catchy tune right here, the melody got stuck in my head for about an hour. I would like to hear it well mixed. So if you want to keep the bass “loud” but the tune clean at the same time, you really need to balance all your tracks and get rid of all the unnecessary frequencies of every single sample and/or instrument. So my suggestion “how to” besides what I’ve already said would be:

  1. Put a filter in every track and cut all the unnecessary frequencies. I would recommend a HP filter on your instruments except the kick, the synth bass and all the parts you want to keep “bassy”. But remember, too many bassy parts aren’t good for the overall sound. Sometimes you even need to highpass your synth bass a little to avoid rumbling.
  2. Put a “stereo expander” on your master track, switch to mono and do your mixing in mono first. Your mix is good if everything is well audible in mono. Switch back to stereo and do all the finetuning stuff.
  3. Monoize your low ends by using a monoizer in your master track (0 to 200 Hz = mono).
  4. For some extra “whoomp” use parallel processing techniques like the new york compression for your drums, the rear bus technique for your instruments, parallel bass compression and else.
  5. Buy good headphones, that will increase your chances of getting a good mix. I can recommend Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X, even though the prices have increased by round about 30%.

Hope that helps. You’re not a beginner, so I assume you’ll figure it out.
So long, dude!


Should we put this to the end of the master chain or before any plugins?

I always put it at the beginning of the chain. Monoizer - Mixer EQ - LP Filter - Soft Clipper - Maximizer

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Great thanks

great info thanks

You could try to eq it out for a more neutral tone.
There are 3 k240 in the list.

I’ve heard it said that if the mix sounds good on a car stereo, it should sound pretty decent anywhere. This holds pretty true in my experience. Of course, every system is different and mixing is as much art as science

I’ve heard if the mix sounds good in mono, it will sound awesome in stereo. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you think about it logically you have to come to the conclusion that a track sounding good in mono will sound good anywhere. And this is pretty much what I experience all the time. I’m absolutely convinced of mono mixing.


I personally find it a improvement with my ath-m40x, which have way too much highs for my liking.
Now i’m somewhat more confident with my mixes.If it sounds good under my headphones for my taste, it sounds at least decent everywhere else ( i hope at least).

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car stereo makes alot of sense, has near perfect acoustics

thanks man, this advice is amazing its exactly what i needed, ill give it a try now and see how things turn out, if i have more questions ill ask you

when using the monoizer on the bass is there a specific hz i should be using? or is it just by ear from 0 -200hz?

i should also note that i have krk rokit 5inch monitors and the 10inch krk sub in my room although my rooms acoustics arent the best, my walls in my house have zero sound proofing and i can hear people talking in the next room, so im unsure if even mixing on the speakers and sub is a good idea