Selected Patterns

How about a ‘track in selected patterns’ & ‘selected patterns’ added to the radio button selection inside advanced edit? Would come in useful for me & maybe others.
I’ve just come across a point where I would like to transpose a break throughout a section of my song, as I’ve found a better quality version of the same sample. This would save time in future, and I’m sure there would be other interesting uses for it!.

No comments? (bump) :D

i like it. it would be useful for creating patterns where the samples are all mixed around

Well, some month a year ago I tried to come up with a new design of the advanced edit that would be much more powerful because there many things I and others are missing.

Now I taken the design even further.

So here is the design feature suggestion.

If the select section & content mask becomes a dropdown meny, it would make space beneath for new checkbox filter options that could be added to the content mask.

(Btw also add column in song/track/pattern. as option)

And I would love a wrap/scroll function and quantisize.

Apply only too:

(X)Selected patterns/not selected patterns.
(You could cycle between the setting “Selected and not selected” or have this as a dropdown meny)

(X)None muted tracks/muted tracks. (Same as above)

(x) muted instruments/solo instruments. (would require Renoise to be able to solo/mute a instrument something that would be nice to be able to do from the instrument rightclick meny.)

Instrument nr. (And a input box in which to wite instrument nrs, isn’t really needed if you could mute instruments and only apply to muted instruments.)

So instead of adding several new masks, like:

*Song without muted tracks
*Pattern without muted tracks.
*Sequencer selection without muted tracks.
*Sequencer selection
*Track in selected patterns.

These checkboxes would do.

Other things that could be done would be a script advanced filtering for notes/effects.

Like only apply to notes who has a volume of 20 or below. Or only to note with a volume of 20 and above with the play sample backwards command applied to them.

I would also like to add that if you were able to select only the note column or panning column it would remove some of the filtering needs.

Even better would be if you could also add to a selection or remove from a selection by holding down shift or alt.

I also think that draging a selection should be done if you keep the mousebutton pressed instead of having to hold down alt. This would be more intuitive and would free the alt key.

I think this quite much wraps up the missing funtions of the advanced edit.

This sounds nice. An ability to apply a kind of algorithm for what notes to affect and what to change them to would perhaps make it more minimal, either by using drop down menus and sliders in an expandable equation type thingy in a seperate menu. Perhaps even like a macro type thingy.


Change notes in track with note/key range =‘xx/xx-yy’ AND volume >= ‘Y’ OR command <=‘zz’ TO volume ‘random’ AND command ‘zz’+16

Don’t really want to go in depth, but perhaps this could open up some good possibilities? I would definitely experiment with it. Who else?

i would very probably play with a feature like this. i think, however, that if it were to be implemented it would require a console screen where you can input the algorythms and specify what they affect:

renoise $> swap $inst2/$inst4 in $track5 for $pattern[3-5]  

since such algorythmic pattern processing is probably a renoise poweruser feature anyway, you might as well give the powerusers the most direct access to a way to construct their pattern modification algorythms. the only way to do something so variable with a gui would be to have a macro editor with modular logic structures that you can chain. given the option of those two, i’d prefer the console.

also a console would make it so the devs can create features for us to play with without having to find a place to put a button, and if everyone finds themselves using a command over and over again, we can politely ask them to make a button for it. :P

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, something like the OctaMED SS scripts I used to tinker with. I used it for opening up a sample editor with a specified instrument, dumping samples via SCSI and all sorts of other things, it’s extremely powerful when tied in with ARexx too.

Devs, what do you think?

I think such a feature would be very useful.

I can come to think of many different uses…

Lets say you have a sampled instrument with only one velocity. You could then swap all samples of that instrument that is playing at a volume of less then 20 into another instrument which is sampled at a different veolcity.

Would be nice if you could save Macros.