Send Device: Automate Keep/Mute Source

i want to be able to automate the keep/mute source button(s) on the send device. as discussed here (2007)

another option would be to make it a slider, as discussed here (2005)

both threads got some love, but i never saw a reason given as to why this has not been implemented. (it might be in another thread, but i got tired searching the forums.)

anyone a clue? taktik? bump? :slight_smile:


Although you could do something very similar using Send Amount, Gainer and Hydra it would be nice to have access to the parameters.

yeah, broke my head over how to do this yesterday, couldn’t figure it out (goddamn weed clouds your mind) - thought it could be done much easier, especially since i already had 2 Hydra’s controlling 10 Send Devices or something, was getting a bit crowed in the DSP department :slight_smile: