Send Device:

The current send device has a switch between Mute Source and Keep Source. I think it would be really cool if that could be changed to a silder simply called ‘Dry’. At 100% it is the same as Keep Source and 0% the same as Mute - and all other 256 positions between are a gradient.

This would mean I could automate Dry-Wet fades without using a post-gate or a gainer. Anyone who has done the effect movement of ‘Dry sound with a bit of verb fading out to a completely wet verb sound’ would know what I mean.

Having a Dry parameter could also mean lots of other curly effects tricks could be achieved via automation and send channels.

Useful? Could be an easy one for 1.6?

Yes, definitely! This gets my vote!

:yeah: incidentally i have been thinking about this effect also and trying to
figure out how to do it smoothly. I had a start of a song looking like this.

intro -> wet, splashy
1st verse -> “ultradry”

Its a common trick in “pop-music” but its can an effect that certainly can be used
for more creative themes, as we renoisers are accustomed to :D

It’s a little fiddly, but certainly can be done in renoise:

  1. Use your favourite verb vst in a send channel with no Dry and all Wet.
  2. Got the source channel(s) and put a Send Device on each using the Keep Source setting for each.
  3. After each Send Device put a renoise-gate.
  4. Set the gate threshold to 100%
  5. Set the floor value as 0%
  6. Over the desired patterns automate the floor parameter of the gate to move steadily from 0%-100%.
  7. Presto!

Of course if you had a Wet/Dry parameter on the Send Device you wouldn’t need as many steps.

A dry parameter would be excellent, because that way I could assign it to my external controller and flick on and off the dry signal live.

you may want to add a gainer into the DSP chain before the send device (or even on the send track) to work around this

Why I’ve shied away from using the Gainer is because ‘full volume’ is only set at 25%: so a fade from ‘full volume’ to ‘no volume’ has to use that small range from 25%-0%. This makes it a little fiddly with automation, and you have decreased resolution. Using the Gate’s floor value you get a full 100% to play with :)

Unless I’m mis-intrepting what you mean by the gainer. ? :unsure:

This is already possible, just add a Send track with no effect. Example:

  • S1 - Your Effect (ex: reverb)
  • S1 - No Effect
  • T1 -> SendDevice1, Keep Source, Receiver: S1 -> SendDevice2, Mute Source, Receiver: S2