Sending Midi From 7Aliens Harmonizer To Ni Fm8

I’m trying to set up the 7Aliens MIDI Harmonizer to send its output to FM8. Is this at all possible?

Energy XT is one of the ways to do it… AFAK, there is no way to make it work NATIVELY using only Renoise.

Energy XT… isn’t that a DAW in its own right? Is there anything to gain from using Energy XT over Reaper?

Sure. For one thing, it can be loaded as a vst instrument inside Renoise. Then within it you can route midi plugins like midi harmonizer into other instruments like FM8. I suspect this is what hypeartist meant with his/her suggestion. Still there are other alternatives aside from energyxt. My favorite to use inside Renoise Is Bidule. Aside from being like a big patch bay, it offers many midi processing tools itself.

That Bidule sure looks nice! Must look into that one. At the moment I am, however, broke. Any free alternatives?

Wusik VM, maybe.

explanation (a bit old post though) ;)