Set keyzone basenote by right-clicking

  • Steps to reproduce:
  1. Launch Renoise (3.0.beta3)
  2. Load a sample
  3. Enter Sampler → Keyzones
  4. Right-click on a key of the piano keyboard below
  • Expected results:
  1. The base note for the current keyzone changes to the right-clicked one.
  2. A dot appears on the right-clicket piano key.
  • Actual results:

Nothing happens.

  • Note:

I realize that it works well when setting the base note for the current instrument phrase – but shoudn’t it be limited to the instrument phrase context (when phrase editor is active or when phrase box above the piano keyboard is focused), and otherwise the expected actions described above be done – when the keyzone context is active?

The piano keyboard is only related to phrases right now.

However, you can set the keyzone base note in 3 different places:

4477 renoise-3-basenote.png

Ah, I knew about the Base Note control (not very convenient), but I didn’t know I can just click below or above the keyzone area… Thanx! :)

I belive it should be emphasized in the documentation. :)

I guess the base-note indicator is linked to the phrase zones now.
It would be helpful if there would be a red-dot indicating the keyzone its basenote.
Rightclick and ctrl-rightclick would have their different option then… rightclick:set keyzone basenote, ctrl+rightclick:set phrase basenote.

It’s clearly not obvious that those little squares on the top and bottom of keyzones deals with “the basenote”
I’d draw it with a brighter color, and I’d close the external border keyzones like that :

…what first “naturally” pushes users to understand that this empty box can be used and selected for something…

and when the mouse cursors goes over these zones a new cursor appears and the Base Note word becomes bold.

these are simple ways to make base not selection more explicit

I keep right clicking on the keyboard, i want it back under the keyzones, it was much easier than finding the right square.

Small square is also way too small. Too low.