Set the live quantization amount in the main pattern editor to fractions of line

It would be great to be able to set the live quantization amount in the main pattern editor to fractions of LPB (1/2, 1/4, 1/8…) and have the note entered with the exact amount of delay in the delay column.

I know I can just set a higher LPB for the whole track when I start but it would be nice to be able to play in live parts with higher resolution and still have it quantize immediately.

Isn’t this what the ‘Q’ does already ?
When lpb is set 8 and Q is set to 1 , this is 1/8 of the main lpb etc…
Q set to 2 is 1/4 , Q set to 1 = 1/1 etc…

Sorry I explained that poorly.

Id like the option to set the live quantize “Q” to lower then 1 in order to use fractions of line not LPB.

My current work around is to use long patterns, set a high LPB and use a “Q” of 1,2,4,8 in order to immediately live quantize 64th, 32nd, 16th, 8th notes respectively.

I think it would work better to leave the LPB at 4 but have the option to set “Q” to lower then 1 (fraction of line) in order to keep everything more organized and tightly packed when playing and dubbing out longer multitimbral patterns live.

I find that when I go back to edit and arrange, the size of patters and speed at which there flying by to be a bit unwieldy and difficult to manage efficiently.

…If that makes sense.

On my setup, using ks37, the delay column is populated and handles the ‘fraction of a line’ bit.
At least when Q is set to ‘none’; Q options are ‘none’, ‘line’, ‘beat’, or ‘bar’.

Yes, but I want the option to live quantize / record the delay column to fraction’s of line when recording stuff live.

A example would be I set “Q” in the main editor to 1/4 then play and the notes would be entered on the line but with quantized delay values of 00, 40, 80, C0.

Does that make sense ?

How is setting all Q’s to off or ‘none’, turning on ‘record’ and hitting ‘play’, then playing notes in?
There is a tool that helps here, it’s called ‘start recording on note input’.

Thanks for the info but that’s not really what Im talking about / looking for.

I could totally be wrong but with “Q” set to none renoise is basically quantizing and recording the notes with a resolution of 1/256 per line.

I would just like the option to set “Q” to less then 1 and more the none for example 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc…

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Yep , makes sense

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