Set what line has the highlighted beat

when setting the lines per beat to play a triplet it often causes the highlighted beat to be offset after its over, is there a way to tell it to align as “every xth line from y” instead of just “every xth line from 00” when i change the lines per beat midway through a pattern

I don’t believe so, but do check out this excellent little tool for triplets and any other kind of tuplets. Set a hotkey for it and you won’t look back, imo

New tool (3.1): Place selected notes evenly


Yes, that’s the only way. I think this is one of the best Renoise tools ever made. You don’t have to do the math if you want to get the perfect delay values to get the perfect triplet within a selection. Right click on the selection, select “Selection” and click on “place selected notes evenly”. That’s it, you just have created a perfect triplet. Of course it also works with quintuplets and so on. Really cool. :ok_hand: