Sheets Like In Excel

people who hate trackers like to say that they look like an overhelmed version of Microsoft Excel, so why not giving them a reason :)

what about a “sheets” tab in Renoise, so that one could browse through most important patterns rapidly by simply switching between sheets?
In the above picture, you see the italian version: “Foglio” means “Sheet”

each sheet would basically be an independent pattern editor + pattern list combo.

by the way, I find Excel 2007 interface to be much worse than Renoise’s

Hasn’t someone suggested this a few weeks ago. Only he/she didn’t use the word “sheet” but more something like “cue-point” or “marker”.

I like the concept a lot. :)

I have read that thread when it was posted, but I didn’t understand it was something like this, as I suggested “markers” in the past but I called them bookmarks, and I thought he was referring to something like that