Shortcut For Changing Vsti Presets


I use a lot of Vst-instruments and change the presets all the time to find the right sounds for my songs. Now I’m doing it with my mouse and my hand is getting really tired because of that.

It would be so nice if you could just hit a shortcut button to change the presets. Then I could just lay back with my eyes closed and listen carefully to find the right sounds! :) It would be perfect!

Please if this is any how possible, give us the possibility to assign a shortcut for changing the preset of a Vst. Does anybody agree with me on this? Thanks!

(Damn typos!) :lol:

With a little luck, the VSTI has such shortcut. If not, you can always try adding the instrument number on each line (using a default note), then using a 92 command in the panning column and then go through all the presetnumbers from 00 to 7f and then play the pattern, row by row, using the enter key.
This is a lot of work, but i can’t think of any other script-wise solution for now.
I do have to warn you that not every VSTI likes this.
I am able to make Renoise hang if i make it change too many different programs in a too short time-sequence if the instrument properties panel is up front.

Thank you for your reply!

It’s a good suggestion you made, but the only problem with it is that then I wont be able to hear the whole pattern playing while trying different vst presets, only one row at a time.

Is it really not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for preset change?Because you can change the preset in Renoise by clicking with your mouse, couldn’t you somehow tell renoise to just do the same thing by pressing a key? I don’t know about coding , but I’m thinking it can’t be very hard? I would find this little feature very useful for finding the right sounds!

I totally agree with this suggestion. It would make it much easier to browse through presets and play…
(Found another thread for this.)