Show Me Your Home Studios

(Dainhumain) #21

If am honest my home studio is a right mess, all my hardware is all over the place and everything, :huh: ^_^ so am not taking pics LOL

But heres some pics of where I spent allot of time, not recently though as got allot of other stuff on:

(nsound) #22

nice - it’s pretty much my ambition to have a proper home studio with a band room - a couple of hardware synths - ultra fast pc (no macs for me i’m afraid- i’m too attached to right clicking) a fridge full of beer and all that… dont care if i never make anything i can sell - just want the chance to make it in comfort

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(Ohrwert) #24

Nice and compact studio, I don’t even have to move my chair… :D

Like you can’t right-click with a Mac… :huh:

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(s-n-s) #26

nice studio keith

(daemon) #27

yeah, i think so too.

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(ryanmca) #29

buddy what are you talking about? you can right click on the mac…in fact the irony is that the mac mighty mouse allows you to left click…right click…center click…left and right squeeze click…not to mention the handy 360 degree scroll ball. way more functionality than your primitive pc mouse. muahahahahah…take that biatch.

but in all seriousness, no harsh feelings. i choose to live peacefully with my xp and vista peers. ;)

(choice) #30


they think didn’t get it right. so people MUST BUY the Accessories (COUGH unlimited peripheral clutter)
…or be mundanely forced to press the ctrl key. Every. Time.

(daemon) #31

actually, the mighty mouse comes w/ even the cheapest imac.

(Psnow) #32

keith love ur studio, looks clean and fresh and ready to go.

(ryanmca) #33

ya dude…the whole line of macs except for the macbooks all come with the mighty mouse. i know apple can be jackasses when it comes to their products working with anything other than apple hardware, and i guess everyone assumes that anything “mac” costs way more than it should. but you should really look into stuff before just jumping to conclusions. macs will work with most mice and keyboards. you can plug pretty much ANY usb mouse into a mac and you will get full left and right click functionality. same with keyboards, macs recognize most keyboards, you just may not get access to a few of the mac os x specific functions that the standard keyboard just does not have keys for.

but ya…you don’t have to buy a mighty mouse to get right click on a mac.

by the way…i just read daemon’s signature and laughed my ass off for exactly 1.3746 minutes. thanks buddy, that was a jolly ole’ time.

(keith303) #34

thanks for the comments mates.
i wished i just had the idea of where exactly to place some acoustic treatment and which exactly i should get.
unfortunately this room has a slight, yet noticable reverb in the higher frequencies. pretty disturbing on the long run.

(choice) #35

i’m all for computers that sit there looking pretty, for girls.


(frux) #36

Fairly minimal setup:

I hope to acquire a synth when I actually have money.

(ryanmca) #37

(trepain) #38

Ok here is my modest setup - I used my palm PDA to take the pictures because I don’t own a proper digital camera.

Yes the trepain mousepad is a very important component in my setup.

Commodore 64 and commodore plus 4 along with a 1541-II floppy makes an appearance on my desk

Vinyl release featuring three of my c64 Messiah tracks.

New toy. Would like to start djing to get my music out there. I hook this to my laptop and have some
fun. I need a lot of practice…

(gentleclockdivider) #39

damn E-MU E4XT ultra …uber sampler

(protman) #40

my friends over at have been doing a “workspace and environment” series for quite a while that is rad.…nt-protman.html