Show Me Your Home Studios

thought it would be fun to see everyones home-studios

heres mine sorry for the bad quality it was taken with my mobile

still need to connect some things

Dig 'em

alot of the link to pictures doesent work anymore

im not even gonna go there. in the pic, you would see a worn out mouse pad, some cheap speakers, some headphones, a textbook, a wine cork, a toothpick, a lighter, and a monitor sitting on top of a broken playstation 2.

This is a piece of my world :I

February 08
2 months later it’s about the same but, is different.

oh yeah, picture is misleading cuz the input on indigoio is plugged to a bass guitar. and no more green tea, switched to chai, and now not much tea at all.
usually an orange around.

THIS VIDEO doesn’t include a few new purchases like Renoise, Ableton Live 7, and Komplete 5, but it’s generally what I work with.


Ive just moved from the luxurious environment of writing and recording in a room, empty except for a bed, my computer, 8 guitars, 2 basses, a drumkit a midi keyboard and a couple of amps… to my student halls where i struggle to fit a desk a bed and a wardrobe in my room! pictures of my room at uni would be fairly unimpressive i suspect, although for giggles tomorrow i might partake. I’ve got a phone so it looks sort of professional (although it cant make outbound calls).

this is my stuff - guitar and bass alesis airfx couple of mics+ 4 octave midi keyboard off picture all i really want now is a decent mixer so i can hook everything up to my sound card and use external effects and that…

and a new laptop wioth MOAR power

Hey N-sound, Nice speakers, Are they KRK?

Which model?

apparently I compose in myspace player

KRK’s seem to be very popular around here.

yep - rokit rp5 - not so good for the dubstep as not much bass - but looking to add the sub as well when i have some cash.

very good for the $

that’s b/c they’re mass produced. they’re f****in’ everywhere. they’re good though.

Haha everyone has krk’s

nice! :yeah:

Well if everybody is doing it:

This is my old setup of 2 years ago. I had a small room and I didn’t have good monitors and a mac.
And ignore the stupid look on our faces :P:stuck_out_tongue: This was for a newspaper so it had to be cheesy B)

nice pic with some nice equipment.
but isn’t that microkorg supposed to be wired? or is it all bluetooth? ;)

t’s just there for the vibe, you know… :)

i was gonna get a microkorg until i started on renoise - no good without decent audio tracks and i hate having to jump between different daws

time to clean…