Show Pattern Sequencer Next To Sample Editor

I often wish that I could see the pattern sequencer while editing a sample, especially since autoseek was introduced and working with samples that span multiple patterns became much easier. Any chance of seeing this option in a future version? A button to show/hide it could be placed next to the Auto-Select Played option.

this has been suggested at least 3 times that i know of. all 3 were kinda different suggestions but imo amounting to the same thing. the most important one is a Sticky on Audio Tracks:

other ideas were to have a line indicator in the sample editor to show your position in relation to the pattern, and some other stuff i forgot.

That’s not what I mean. What I’m suggesting is much simpler: making the pattern sequencer (not the pattern editor) visible next to the sample editor. The patter sequencer is visible on the left side of the screen in both the pattern editor and mixer views, so why not make it possible to show it next to the sample editor as well? It makes sense when working with samples that span multiple patterns.

Full Matrix or just Sequencer? Although it’s easy enough to minimise the Matrix. Would need a button to then be able to remove it from all views though…

aah, sorry, i just call it ‘Pattern Matrix’ so i read it wrong.

I’m not sure what you mean with that last sentence, but I was thinking of just the pattern sequencer. The matrix could be useful too, but I don’t think it would fit next to the sample editor unless you have a very wide screen.