Side-by-side / two files audio player for OSX?


I am looking for a software / solution for OSX, a small footprint audio player (like Vox app), with which you can two or more tracks side-by-side and switch tracks while playing, so the playing postition is not reseted. For this purpose: I render some versions of a song, and maybe decide later which variation sounds better on the studio monitors… etc. Maybe this could be an idea as tool for Renoise, but I don’t know if things like “playing mp3/ogg/m4a/wav at any position” or “get metadata of audio file” are possible with lua?

The problem with listening from beginning is that your ears will be very soon used to that special mix sound. So switching in position would help a lot to more exactly hear the differences.

Do you maybe know any software or approach I could use for this scenario?

Thanks for your ideas!

I just create two tracks in renoise, autoseek the files, and enable solo mode on one of the tracks. Switch between with tab / shift-tab… simple A/Bing right in Renoise!

What Pat said. If you have a MIDI controller I expect you could map notes to track soloing to make it smoother (especially if you have more than two tracks).

My own custom set-up uses a Launchpad so I can can jump to different patterns in a solo’ed track. I’m using a MIDI-to-OSC proxy to manage this. I’m also using about 40 excerpts from various reference tracks, not whole songs, but same basic behavior.

There’s also the Toggle Reference Track tool:

Thanks guys. Yes, renoise is of course capable, I do not doubt this. Only I am looking for a totally lightweight possibility directly in finder, since I usually preview renders there… Like a dual player quicklook plugin. I now did some investigation, there simply is no such tool.

Commonly while the mixing process in Renoise for a live a/b comparison I load two instances of renoise on two screens. But before that I have to quickly decide which two versions I should load (and make a coffee break).