Side-chain compression with native compressor.

This is how I do side-chain compression using the Renoise compressor, you can make the group smaller if your not bothered about it being mono:

It also works with some VST that don’t process left and right separately.

(Examples are with Renoise3 beta)


Sidechaining with sends

Mono sidechain Doofer

Should work now.

When I saw your posting, at first I was like “Meh, not another one. How many more postings about sidechaining does it have to be?”. But this indeed is a very interesting approach and very creative handling of simple logics. Kudos for this one! :)

Thanks, I got the idea from a vocoder that used left as a modulator and right as carrier. I did try another way by inverting the kicks on another track to cancel them out but the comp doesn’t catch the transients fast enough creating a nasty click.

Yes! I remember myself doing this years ago with send tracks.

The thread still exists but sadly I’ve lost the file :confused: Wonder if someone still has it…

:D/>/> Iv never seen this.

Iv made a Doofer for this and added an example using sends.

Hey this seems to be a real way to that really shows how much better a side chaining compressor sounds vs the signal follower. But this is still some kind of complicated workaround. And separating a track to two monos isn’t very practical. So still waiting for multiple input vst support via send device + side chain support in r3’s compressor devices.