Sidechain Compression - Done!

Ok. Here is my version of simulating sidechain compress… Without any LFO envelopes and stuff and it’s working as it’s supposed to ;)
First I built up a sidechain compress which would work only on mono track but after some sketching on paper I figured out how to work it out on stereo without having any effect on stereo balance…


What do you guys think?

Ohh that’s clever!!

Can’t look right now, but I’m presuming this consists of 2-4 sendtracks per stereo sidechain… amirite?

… looking forward to checking this out when I get home

You’re on the right track ;)

Sorry to tell you eeter, but first of all, you’re overcomplicating things… you could accomplish this more simply with the bass and kick being sent to one sendtrack containing a bus compressor.

Second of all, this isn’t sidechaining :P … it’s simple compression ;)

In your solution, the volume of both the kick and the bass are affected. If you sidechain a bass to a kick with a real sidechain compressor however, the volume of the kick won’t be affected at all.

A sidechain compressor simply changes the volume of one track based on the volume of another. It can’t be accomplished without amplitude metadata.

No no no…
Its not about the bass and kick. In my example it’s not important at all.
Take a closer look again.
The signal of the kick is used to compress the signal of track ‘bee’.
The compression has no effect on kick. Kick comes out dry.

Should I draw it out to make it more understandable? I’m not very good in making words…

Yeah, sketch down the graph.

I checked it, but I was too lazy to understand it, so I drew a picture of this rabbit instead:

A nice one indeed

it s quite hard to understand… can you make a light version with just what is needed ? 1 kick + 1 fat bassline

If you could add a good description that even an absolute beginner can understand the meaning and the purpose…
I could suggest Taktik to add it to the tutorials part in Renoise.

Well done. Made me smile and lol internally.

This basically compresses right channel by left bd channel and vice versa and uses gainers panning sliders to cancel the bd out of compressed stereo signals leaving compressed signal intact at opposite stereo channel. Bassdrum is sent originally with keep source enabled while compressed beehive-pad is sent source muted. Thus bd is dry and pad is compressed.

There you have it.

btw liked your one-sample percussion.

Oh … wow… ok I completely missed that. Sorry eeter, my bad :P … that is ingenious! I just can’t see myself using this on a regular basis because of the complexity =p … but it’s still a great proof of concept ;)

Have it in your template and you only have to do it once.

I’m not the type of person that would only use sidechaining once in a track. I’d be sidechaining everything to everything else.

<— maniac.

I’m with BYTE-smasher on this, it’s too complex to be attractive for frequent and varied usage. Too many tracks and routings.

But that’s not the point here! Good job on this eeter, and thanks for the clever example.

wow… you broke your head mate!! big up!
thanks for explaination kameleontti

Can someone please explain how this is done . I still have no idea how it works…


He’s using the fact that the bus compression compresses using a mixed-channel signal… he puts the bass on the right and the kick on the left… then compresses it… and removes the kick by mono-izing only the right channel. He then does this for the other channel of each track.

jesus - lets get sidechaining natively - this is way too much hassle

This, is sick. I’m going to try to implement it in a track I’m working on, can’t wait to try this out!!! Thanks a kazillion eeter!!!