Sidechain behaviour (maybe bug)

Hi! i was using the Sidechain device for sidechaining a comressor on a bass sound. The Sidechain is triggered by a kick. It works fine as long as the kick is playing. But then when no kick is playing for a moment and after the gain reduction meter of the comressor reaches 0 again, then it suddenly continues with normal compression triggered by the bass itself. But normally, if sidechain compression is active, this shouldn’t be the case and there should be no more compression until the kick starts playing again. I made a small video to see what i mean:

Windows 11 64 bit.


Nice find. Can replicate this, but only if the sending generator/kick was auto-suspended. So for now, disable auto-suspend for the kick, if possible. Actually it looks like a renoise instrument, so then you can’t disable auto suspend.

I think the correct behaviour of the sidechain send should be:

  • When it is enabled, it should send all the time the signal, even it is 0 (correct)
  • When it is disabled, it should not send any signal, just like it kicks in here in pattern 2 (correct)
  • Sidechain should not be affected by the auto-suspend feature, if it is enabled (incorrect)

So this might require some extra lines of code in the sidechain send device.


Yes, indeed. Looks like the fix for Bypassed sidechain send won't disable sidechain input caused this.

I agree that it should continue sending silent input to the side chain target, unless it’s actively bypassed.