Sidechain Compression In Renoise

is this the only way to do it? is it the simplest method to do it for now?

many thanks.


This one works too:

wow…looks real nice!

seems to sound much better than the old sidekick version. should get the job done, i think i will buy this one.


there is also the freeware SSS compressor:…r-windows.shtml

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but that requires support for multiple input channels?

for mono
input ch1: signal input
input ch2: key input

this unfortunally doesn´t work (yet) in renoise…the other posted plug, is very good imo!

many thanks!

you guys are right, newbie to renoise here, didn’t know the routing options in renoise

I’m sure Renoise will get this one day.

Then the chaining will be sideways, and the vocoding shall echo from the hills. There will also be pie! ^_^

Vocoding is possible at this time.

with “hard pan” sidechaining is possible either, but this is not a valid way of doing this stuff.

hhhmm, i don´t really get the panning thing…key trigg. to the left and signal to the right…do i need a special sc for that?

i think the db audioware is the best solution for sidechain comp untill renoise will implement it into it´s dsp´s.

hopefully :ph34r:

There is a plug by Ruso that sidechains ANYTHING. :)

You need a MIDI loopback device. It sends CC changes based on input volume.

It was originally quietly released on the Electribe Forums (proud owner of an ESX, EMX soon…) and you have to be a member to download it, so I downloaded it and shoved it on my Googlepage account for your leaching pleasure.


In order to properly use it, you need have a MIDI Loopback program. There’s a couple of free ones out there if you google 'em. Essentially, you play your sound into the VST and it sends a CC change based on the input voluume. The loopback device is so you can control whatever you want with that CC inside ReNoise. It has scaling of the volume threshold and CC/Channel select. For sidechain compression, you would have a kick control the volume of the bass track.


hhhmmm…wouldn´t it be easier to send the midi-cc´s from the kickdrum channel (kick/bass sc) direktly to a sc compressor, i think i have seen something like this - can renoise do this?

i will post the comp later…i´ll have to search it first…!

many thanks for all the suggestions:D

great forum we R!

This is the way I suggested it some time ago.
Native, without lfo-s and actually compresses.…c=18743&hl=

This could be interesting, don’t see a trial version though and you need a stupid dongle for it.

How to do sidechain compression in linux, impossible at the moment? :o


Thanks man. Will try it out this evening.

came up with this to do a similar thing using the gate dsp, very simple. here’s the example if you don’t know how to do this already:

Seriously this is getting ridiculous. Renoise needs real internal side-chaining. No workarounds.